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CiscoTestimonial: "Amazing is the only word to describe the change in our dog's attitude toward/behavior around Maryellen and his food bowl. Cisco (an eight month old Shiba Inu mix) had begun to guard his bowl when eating, so we asked if Maryellen could show us some techniques to get control of the situation and the bowl. Within 10 minutes our pooch went from Cujo to a calm dog standing out of the room wating for permission to enter even though his coveted bowl was at Maryellen's feet. It was clearly Maryellen's posture, energy, and ownership of the situation that turned Cisco around. Since that calmness and energy is taught in Dog Breath Yoga, all I have to say is sign me up!!

Extremely happy Creekside Critter Care customers,

M Norris



Dog Breath Yoga

A form of Doga using a series of simple but powerful breathing techniques and yoga postures that will enable you to find your "inner dog whisperer."

Consider this scenario: You’re late for work - nothing new these days. Your heart is racing and you need to move fast. You let the dog out for a quick walk, and she picks this to be the day she bolts out and your recall means nothing. Why is that?

Your dog picks up on your energy, and by frantically running around the house you have whipped your dog into a frenzy when it is the one time you need her to be calm.

The ancient teachings of yoga can assist you in improving your breathing, posture, and intention, all of which will improve the messages you send to your dog. Domestic dogs have co-evolved with humans and as a result have become experts in reading our posture and intention. Given how little most of us know about non-verbal communication with dogs, this leaves us at a disadvantage when training our canine companions.

Using breathing techniques and standing postures you will achieve the balance and focus required to transmit confident alpha energy to your dog and clear "pictures" of what you want from your dog.

The simple and practical Dog Breath Yoga techniques will compliment positive training methods and allow you to assume your role as the benevolent alpha leader you need to be for your dog’s well being.

Dog Breath Yoga differs from other canine yoga practices in that you need not  place your dog in yoga positions. After all, dogs are natural yogis and hardly need our assistance in perfecting their "down dog."

Dog Breath Yoga will teach you simple yoga-based techniques that you can use in the moment with your dog in a variety of situations. For instance:

  • Preparing for an agility event
  • Providing animal assisted therapy
  • During competitive events
  • In your own home to deal with problem behaviors
  • At the Vet's office
  • When visiting the dog park
  • In your puppy training or dog obedience class

You can change everything with your breath and intention – give it a try.

Group Doga class available now at Cobber's Pet Pantry, 1415 Blake St, Enumclaw  Sundays 11AM

For information on private consultation or group classes contact  or call (206)249-1697